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10 Great Things About Your Best Friend As Your Boyfriend

Great Things About Your Best Friend

Best Friend As Your Boyfriend

Best Friend: Women have always been picky about who they want to date and make their boyfriends. There are a lot of criteria a guy needs to fulfill before he can become the boyfriend. And this becomes hard for most guys to do because they don’t know the girl so well. This why dating your best friend has proven to bear the best solutions. Why? Well, listed below are some of the great sides of making your best friend your boyfriend.

10. Talk about everything

There is a reason this guy was your best friend in the first place. You feel good sharing stuff to him and he literally knows everything about you. So when he becomes your boyfriend, there is no hiding stuff like in normal relationships.

9. Inside Jokes

Every best friend pairing has their own inside jokes. A little mention of certain words will trigger your memories about certain things and you two can start laughing out. And what’s better than to have inside jokes with your boyfriend right from the start?

8. Be weird

You have known your best friend longer than you knew any one of your previous boyfriends. You can be completely yourself and act weird in front of him and he won’t judge you or get creeped out. Rather he will join in with you. That’s something you can’t do with boyfriends.

7.Understand each other

The thing about best friends is that you develop a telepathic understanding with one another. So when you make your best friend your boyfriend too, you two will be sharing that connection and that can only be a healthy thing for the relationship. You two will have a strong understanding between you two.


Your best friend is someone whom you can completely rely on. No matter what the issue is, you can always count on him to come through for you. So when your boyfriend is your best friend, you know you can trust him.

5. Family comfort

There is no awkwardness when it comes to being in front of each other families. I mean you two have met them a countless number of times already so there is nothing new about it and you can be totally comfortable with the family members.

4. Nicknames

You two already have nicknames for each other and that is completely different and more unique than the ones ordinary couples use such as “babe”, “baby” ,”sweetheart”. You will probably call him by some sort of weird nickname and people will actually envy you two because of the freedom and the comfort you two share among yourselves.

3. Favorites

Both of you know each other’s favorite dishes, games, music and so on. So there is no chance of forgetting them and messing up. It helps big time when you are shopping for something to give him on his birthday and on your anniversaries.

2. Fewer fights

As best friends you both know what the other person hates and you have grown accustomed to it. So there are fewer chances of you messing things up and having irrelevant fights. In fact, you two may not even fight at all since you two are always in sync.

1. Care about each other

You know for certain that your best friend cares about you and will always love you. There is very little chance of him leaving you like any other guy would normally do. So you have relationship security in the best way possible.


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