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Baylor coach Scott Drew praises spiritually deep group despite Loss

Baylor coach Scott Drew
Baylor coach Scott Drew

Baylor coach Scott Drew praises spiritually

Baylor coach Scott Drew There won’t be a reprise winner of the men’s NCAA event this time. The defending- champion Baylor Bears, aNo. 1 seed in the East region, fell toNo. 8- planted North Carolina in a thrilling 93- 86 overtime contest on Saturday.

The last academy to repeat as champion was Florida in 2006 and 2007. Before it was over, however, Baylor( 27- 7) came back from a 25- point alternate- half deficiency to force overtime.

It matched the biggest comeback ever in an NCAA event game, but the Bears eventually could n’t pull out the palm. Baylor is the firstNo. 1 seed to lose in this time’s event. But that’s not what head trainer Scott Drew will flash back about this platoon. He ’ll flash back its perseverance not just in this game, but all season. “ First and foremost,( I ’ll flash back ) just what great youthful men they are, ” Drew said in his postgame press conference. “ They ’re fun to be around each and every day.

They came to work, they had good stations, they really represented the academy the right way. “ Our theme( was), ‘ What’s insolvable with man is possible with God ’( Luke 1827). I mean, to win back- to- back conference crowns with three season- ending injuries, that’s phenomenal along with all the other injuries these guys have overcome. ” After winning the public title and losing four of its starters, many people gave Baylor much of a chance to win another title.

But the Bears earned aNo. 1 seed in the NCAA event for the alternate straight season — the only times the program has done so in academy history — and have won 26 or further games each of the once three seasons. Baylor has come one of the blue bloods of council basketball, with the likes of the North Carolina program it fell to Saturday.

Baylor coach Scott Drew

By defeating Baylor, UNC( 26- 9) will be making its 30th each- time appearance in the event’s Sweet 16, the utmost of any academy. But Coach Drew said after the game that it’s about further than just basketball with Baylor. “ At Baylor it’s always bigger than just basketball, ” he said in the postgame press conference. “ We prepare titleholders for life. It’s great to have an impact spiritually; character conformation. Academic wise, this is one of the stylish academic groups we ’ve had. Spiritually it’s a real deep group; I ’m proud of their growth and what they ’ve tutored me. And character wise, they represent their platoon and their academy the right way.

So I could n’t be more pleased with the kind of youthful men we’ve then. ” A big influence on Baylor’s players getting “ great youthful men ” is the culture ofJ.O.Y. that Drew has established. The acronym stands for Jesus, Others, also Yourself. The trainers and players frequently talk about it, and it’s indeed shown on the platoon’s Twitter runner.

It was on full display as last time’s Bears won the public crown. Upon winning, the entire platoon stopped to gather into a circle on the court and give God thanks in prayer. Moments latterly, the platoon was presented with the 2021 public crown jewel. When answering questions from Jim Nantz of CBS, Drew talked about the platoon’s culture. “ We play with a culture ofJ.O.Y., ” he said. “ That’s Jesus, Others also Yourself. ” Baylor coach Scott Drew developed in that night’s postgame press conference.

Baylor coach Scott Drew , He began the session by saying, “ First and foremost, I want to thank God for blessing us with this occasion tonight. I know the guys have worked really hard, so happy they get a chance to celebrate now. ” He was latterly asked further about that culture. “ A lot of joy in the locker room for sure, ” he said. “ But our joy is Jesus, Others, Yourself. It’s so tough to put other people in front of you and brigades that do that are obviously more successful.

Baylor coach Scott Drew

Our guys, their love for each other( is) because they spend so important time working on their craft together, and they put in the time. “ Credit our assistant trainers for doing an inconceivable job bringing in high- character kiddies that want to be great teammates and want to work hard and want to ameliorate.

They earn all that they ’re getting. ” Though the 2021- 22 season may be over for Baylor, the culture will carry on.


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