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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Picks Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl

Dak Prescott
Photo from Dallas Cowboys/Twitter

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott shares his picks to win Sunday’s Super Bowl: Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

At the 12th annual NFL Awards, Prescott was asked who he thought would take home the crown this weekend, and it certainly wasn’t an easy decision. “It was too hard. I had some college teammates, even a college coach in Philadelphia. But I don’t know if I can root for an NFC East team.

“So, unfortunately for those guys, I hope they have a good game, but I’m going to the AFC (Kansas City Chiefs) game.”

Prescott receives the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award
The 29-year-old received the prestigious NFL Walter Payton Person of the Year Award for his work with his Faith Fight Finish (FFF) Foundation, which focuses on four key initiatives:

colon cancer research
Mental health and suicide prevention
Build bridges between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve
To help those who are facing difficulties in life

Photo from Dallas Cowboys/Twitter

“I want to thank the person who has most influenced my life, my mother Peggy. My mother was and still is my moral compass. Through my charitable contribution, I strive to share her strength and courage with the world. “She was one of a kind.

Mom inspired me and motivated me to be great in this situation. “But since then, this work has also honored my brother Jace, who, as you can see, committed suicide during COVID 2020. I promise it will save millions of lives.”

Photo from Dallas Cowboys/Twitter

According to NFL betting sites, Prescott is 1.5 points behind the Philadelphia Eagles despite Kansas City’s playoff experience and a Super Bowl win in 2020. Prescott and the Cowboys have failed to reach the NFC Championship Game for the 27th straight year after losing in the divisional round of the playoffs.

On Thursday night, Dak Prescott received what the NFL calls its most prestigious honor. He was named the 2022 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year at the annual NFL Honors Awards. This honor is given to an NFL player who excels on the field and makes a significant contribution to charity off the field.

Each year, each NFL team nominates potential recipients of the Walter Payton Player of the Year (WPMOTY) award. A panel of judges consisting of previous years’ winners, NFL commissioners and some former players selects the winner.

Prescott is the fourth Cowboys player to receive the award. Other All-Star receivers include Roger Staubach (1978), Troy Aikman (1997) and Jason Witten (2012).

“As a Dallas Cowboy, I am honored to join the previous recipients of this prestigious award,” Prescott said in his acceptance speech. “Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Jason Witten. These are people I look up to and have learned a lot from. To be recognized with them [is] something I will never take for granted and will be something I will always be proud of. “

Dak Prescott :The full foundation of the battle of faith

In the spring of 2022, Dak Prescott will succeed Roger Staubach as co-chair of the Children’s Cancer Foundation gala with Troy Aikman. The Children’s Cancer Foundation is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization that raises money to fund childhood cancer research and treatment programs in North Texas.

Photo from Dallas Cowboys/Twitter

The event is an annual fundraiser for childhood cancer research and awareness in North Texas and across the country. Later that year, Dak also partnered with WPMOTY nominee Solomon Thomas (New York Jets) to provide suicide prevention training for teachers.

Dak Prescott is best known for his philanthropic work for his Faith Fight Finish Foundation. The FFF Foundation was founded in 2017 by Dak Prescott in memory of his mother, Peggy. In 2013, while Darke was still in college, she lost her battle with colon cancer. The foundation’s work also honors his brother Jess, who died by suicide in 2020.

Former Mississippi State and current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is this year’s Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

The award, named after Mississippi native and NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton, is awarded annually to a player for outstanding community service. Through his Faith Fight Finish Foundation (FFF), Prescott works to implement solutions to issues currently plaguing the country, such as cancer research, and to build bridges between law enforcement and the community.

Dak Prescott also uses FFF to focus on mental health, which is very relevant for the 29-year-old. In 2020, his brother Jess committed suicide after a long battle with mental health, prompting Prescott to say that Jess’s life would be “the life of millions of lives saved”.

“Thank you to the NFL, Commissioner Goodell and Nationwide for recognizing the impact we can make as NFL players off the field,” Prescott said Thursday night while accepting the award. “I hope when I finish this game they can say, ‘He’s a good player, but he’s a better guy.’

Dak Prescott is the first Mississippi graduate to receive the award since Eli Manning in 2016, joining Hall of Fame quarterbacks Roger Staubach (1978) and Troy Eiman (1997), and the fourth Cowboys player to receive the award after former teammate Jason Witten (2012) . .


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