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Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin Dips Below $26,000, Pepe Becomes Biggest Loser

Cryptocurrency Price Today

Cryptocurrency Price Today: Cryptocurrency price on September 11 quick take: The global market cap dipped down to $1.03 trillion.

The world’s most valuable and oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), dropped below the $26,000 level over the weekend, casting a bleak shadow over the market as a whole. This decline is thought to have been sparked by rumors that troubled crypto lender FTX was planning to sell $3 point 3 billion worth of its crypto assets, which incited a sell sentiment among people. All of the well-known altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Solana (SOL), fell in value. The Stellar (XLM) token eventually emerged as the top gainer, rising more than 3 percent in a single day. Memecoin Pepe (PEPE), which experienced a 24-hour decline of about 8%, emerged as the biggest loser.

At the time of writing, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies was $1.03 trillion, a 24-hour decline of 0.79 percent.

Cryptocurrency Price Today

Price of Bitcoin (BTC) Right Now.
According to CoinMarketCap, the price of one bitcoin was $25,719.69, a drop of 0.52 percent over the previous 24 hours. BTC was valued at Rs 22.50 lakh, per Indian exchange WazirX.

Price of Ethereum (ETH) Right Now.
At the time of writing, the price of ETH was $1,608.83, representing a loss of 1% over the previous 24 hours. According to WazirX, the price of ethereum in India was Rs 1.41 lakh.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Value Right Now.
According to CoinMarketCap data, DOGE, which is currently trading at $0.06118, experienced a 24-hour decline of 2.83 percent. WazirX reports that the Dogecoin price in India was Rs 5.36.

Litecoin (LTC) Value Right Now.
Litecoin lost 2 point 41% over the course of a day. Its price at the time of writing was $61.25. In India, LTC cost Rs 5,340.

Today’s price of ripple (XRP).
A 24-hour decline of 1.07 percent brought the price of XRP to $0.4961. WazirX reported that the price of ripple was Rs 43.101.

Today’s price for Solana (SOL).
At $18.35, the price of Solana had dropped 4.32 percent in the previous day. WazirX reported that SOL cost Rs 1,624 in India.

Top Crypto Gainers Today (September 11)

As per CoinMarketCap data, here are the top five crypto gainers over the past 24 hours:

Stellar (XLM)

Price: $0.134
24-hour gain: 3.08 percent

Render (RNDR)

Price: $1.51
24-hour gain: 1.81 percent

Injective (INJ)

Price: $6.67
24-hour gain: 0.53 percent


Price: $3.84
24-hour gain: 0.42 percent

Monero (XMR)

Price: $143.25
24-hour gain: 0.18 percent

Top Crypto Losers Today (September 11)

As per CoinMarketCap data, here are the top five crypto losers over the past 24 hours:

Pepe (PEPE)

Price: $0.0000007054
24-hour loss: 8.94 percent

ApeCoin (APE)

Price: $1.21
24-hour loss: 7.54 percent

Arbitrum (ARB)

Price: $0.834
24-hour loss: 6.45 percent

Gala (GALA)

Price: $0.01483
24-hour loss: 6.19 percent

Sui (SUI)

Price: $0.451
24-hour loss: 5.71 percent

What Crypto Exchanges Are Saying About Current Market Scenario

“Bitcoin has been trading above the $25,700 level for the last two days,” Mudrex co-founder and CEO Edul Patel said on ABP Live. On Friday, the price of Bitcoin briefly climbed above $26,000. The fact that this uptick in sentiment was fleeting and that bears eventually took control suggests that the battle between bulls and bears is still going on. If the price of bitcoin drops from where it is now, it will immediately find support at $25,300. The current resistance for bitcoin is at $26,500. Ethereum’s price is currently above $1,600. “.

“The cryptocurrency market traded sideways with downward pressure over the weekend,” said Parth Chaturvedi, Investments Lead at CoinSwitch Ventures. The global cryptocurrency M.Cap is down 0.9 percent but is still above $1 trillion, according to CoinGecko. For the second day in a row, the cryptocurrency fear and greed index remains in the fear zone with a score of 40/100. Investor optimism appears to be low given that FTX may soon be able to sell off its $3 point 4 billion in cryptocurrency holdings. If this occurs, the market may experience selling pressure, which could stifle price movement, particularly for ETH (-11%%) and SOL (5%%). “.

The G20 leaders’ general emphasis on the Common Reporting Standard and Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework, according to Rajagopal Menon, Vice President of WazirX, “indicates an incoming ecosystem where data is transparent.”. This might affect how stakeholders feel all over the world. Market participants are concerned that the potential liquidation of FTX could lead to a sell-off of assets in the upcoming weeks. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested so far this year, venture capital is still expanding in the DeFi sector. “.

“Bitcoin price analysis reveals it is at its lowest since June, struggling around $25,742, down 0.52 percent in 24 hours and 0.76 percent for the week,” said Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO and co-founder of Unocoin. Bulls want to break through the $26,000 resistance in order to launch a potential rally, but a break of $25,500 could result in further losses. While the RSI is hovering close to neutral levels, indicating a short-term continuation of the current trend, the 20-EMA crossing below the 50-EMA indicates a bearish sentiment. The MACD is still bearish, emphasizing downward pressure. “.

According to Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUCoin, “The overall crypto market remained flat during the weekend with BTC and ETH showing very small price fluctuations. The FTX liquidation of more than $3 billion in crypto assets, which is awaiting court approval, will be the next market mover. If the court approves the sale of FTX’s assets, it may have an effect on the value of Solana and FTT in particular on the cryptocurrency market. As a result of hazy macroeconomic factors, the markets are anticipated to remain choppy. ” .

The use of NFTs and cryptocurrency products is unregulated and can be very dangerous. Any losses resulting from such transactions might not be subject to any regulatory recourse. Cryptocurrency is prone to market risks and is not recognized as legal tender. Before making any kind of investment, it is advised that readers consult a professional and carefully read the offer document(s) as well as any relevant important literature on the subject. Market forecasts for cryptocurrencies are speculative, and any investment made is at the readers’ own expense and risk.


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