Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Cyclist balancing water bottle on head amazes internet, video goes viral

Cyclist balancing water bottle

Cyclist balancing water bottle : Woman riding the cycle also looks sideways, without dropping the bottle goes viral on the internet. Watch.

Social media has become a way to showcase hidden talents to the world. It paved the way for a technology that is appreciated by many. From artists showcasing their art and creations to culinary enthusiasts showcasing their culinary skills on the platform, social media has helped bring attention to many underrated talents.

This video surprised users with the balancing act of a woman named Mariel Amaba. The recorded video shows a woman, believed to be riding a bicycle, walking down a road wearing a mask. Not only did Mariel ride a fast bike, but she also balanced herself with a plastic water bottle above her head so she wouldn’t fall under any circumstances.

Cyclist balancing water bottle

The talented woman also performed small stunts on her bike. He turns his head from side to side and lets go of the bike’s handlebars, but no matter what he does or how cool he looks, the bottle never turns over. His incredible balancing skills have garnered many positive comments on social media praising his flexibility.

This is not the first time I meet such a talented person on a social network. Last month was a month that drew attention by clapping a soccer ball. He skillfully balanced the ball and juggled his feet to prevent the ball from hitting the ground. The woman balanced the soccer ball on her back and shoulders, and passersby marveled at her action.


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