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Exit Polls Results 2022: BJP Likely To Retain Gujarat, Also Winning Himachal Pradesh

Exit Polls Results 2022

Exit Polls Results 2022 of Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh

Exit Polls Results 2022: Polls predict that the BJP is likely to take Gujarat for a seventh consecutive term and form the government, while it is expected to defeat the Congress in Himachal Pradesh. However, two polls predict a close fight between the BJP and the Himachal Pradesh Congress, with the result likely to favor both sides. Gujarat has 182 parliamentary seats with a majority of 92 Exit Polls Results 2022. Himachal Pradesh has 68 seats and a majority of 35. Counting of votes in both states will take place on December 8.

Gujarat Exit Polls Results 2022
Most polls predict the BJP will win a record number of seats in Gujarat, with 117-148 seats in the 182-member parliament, while the Congress is projected to win 30-51 seats. The Aam Aadmi Party is expected to win between 3 and 13 seats.

The best ever number of votes for the BJP was in 2002 with 127 seats. According to ABP News-CVoter Exit Poll Results 2022, the BJP is projected to win 128-140 seats with a vote share of 49.4%.

Exit Polls Results 2022 The ABP News-CVoter poll gives the Congress 31-43 seats, significantly down from the 77 seats it won in the previous general elections. Congress is expected to get only 32.5% votes.

Exit Polls Results 2022 AAP newcomers are likely to open an account in the state and win 3-11 seats. India Today-Axis My India expects a landslide victory for the BJP, with the party taking 129-151 seats. It predicts that the Congress will win between 16 and 30 seats. The poll also gave AAP its best hope of nine to 21 seats.

Exit Polls Results 2022 According to the News X-Jan Ki Baat polls for the Gujarat elections, BJP may win 117-140 seats, Congress-NCP 34-51, AAP 6-13 and others 1-2. Republic TV P-MARQ predicts 128-148 seats for BJP, 30-42 for Congress-NCP, 2-10 for AAP and 0-3 for other seats.

TV9 Gujarati predicts BJP to win 125-130 seats, Congress-NCP 40-50, AAP 3-5 and others 3-7. Himachal Pradesh exit polls
In Himachal Pradesh, where voters traditionally change the government every five years, the ABP News-CVoter Exit Poll predicts that the BJP will be able to hold on to the hills, winning between 33 and 41 seats.

In the Congress, the BJP will be neck and neck, but the projected number of seats (24 to 32 parliamentary seats) suggests that it will not be enough to bring the grand old party back to power.

According to the ABP-C voter survey, independent MPs will win between zero and four seats and will play a major role in the upcoming meeting.

Even after the exit-ballot projections for Himachal Pradesh which have predicted a go back of the Bharatiya Janata birthday celebration (BJP) in the kingdom, Congress remains hopeful that the celebration could shape the authorities with a full majority within the hill nation.

“human beings have voted for the trade in country and Congress will shape the authorities. we will need to see the pattern and pattern length. go out polls are from time to time accurate but at some point of the previous couple of elections, it has been questioned. we have our internal survey too, we can recover from forty seats,” stated Naresh Chauhan vice-president o

For Himachal Pradesh, Aaj Tak-Axis My India predicts a close contest between Congress and BJP. It said the BJP will win 24-34 seats and the Congress 30-40 seats.

India TV predicts that BJP will win 35-40 seats, Congress party will win 26-31 seats and AAP will win zero. News X-Jan Ki Baat poll shows that BJP is likely to win 32-40 seats in Hill State, 27-34 seats in Congress and zero seats in AAP.

While Republic TV’s P-MARQ predicted a 34-39 win for the BJP, 28-33 for the Congress and 0-1 for the AAP, Times Now-ETG said the BJP could win an average of 38 seats and the Congress 28.


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