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Farmers’ uproar in Karnal, police fired tear gas shells, Manohar Lal’s program canceled

Farmers created a ruckus in Chief Minister Manohar Lal’s Kisan Mahapanchayat to be held at Karnala, Karnal village in Haryana. After breaking all the blocks of the police, the farmers reached the village of Kamla via the fields and vandalized the venue. During this time, the security system of the police was also lost. Alam was that the organizers of the BJP also dispersed after seeing the crowd of farmers at the venue. In view of these conditions, the Chief Minister’s Kisan Mahapanchayat also had to be canceled and the Chief Minister’s helicopter did not land in Kaimla village. Farmers’ mahapanchayat was organized in Kaimla village on Sunday. In which Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal had to communicate directly with the farmers, preparations were going on for the last several days.

The confrontation with the force on the second’
block, the area where the CM’s mahapanchayat was to be held in Camla, was blocked by the police force at seven places, but thousands of farmers from Outer area of ​​Gharaunda started moving towards Kamla. The Naka broke, but the farmers clashed with the Force at the other Nak, which caused a lot of uproar. The tear gas shells left for two and a half hours, the police force started dropping tear gas shells after seeing the surge of farmers during the uproar at the second block. There was a ruckus here for two and a half hours. After which the farmers started running towards the fields and the police force followed them and drove them. The situation became very tense, during which the police also had to lathicharge. Sudden breath of farmer officers reached Kamla

On the other hand, the convoy of farmers suddenly reached the place where the CM’s program was going to be held. The farmers suddenly started creating uproar after reaching there and created a lot of uproar there. Seeing that the organizers also thought it appropriate to run away from there. After reviewing the situation, the team deployed under the Chief Minister’s security advised the CM to cancel the program. After which CM did not come on the spot and the program was canceled.  Farmers descended in protest in Hisar also , people associated with farmers’ organizations came to protest the BJP’s training camp in Salasar Complex in Hisar. During this time, a large number of police forces were deployed at the venue. Explain that due to the opposition of farmers in Barwala on Saturday, the BJP had to postpone its training camp.

Farmers were also constantly warning the CM against opposing this mahapanchayat. Due to this, a meeting was held with the peasant leaders of the administrative and police officers on Saturday, in which the officers warned the farmers that they had the right to strike peacefully, but if the farmers made any disturbance during the mahapanchayat in Kaimla, then they will be dealt with strictly. . Despite this warning, on Sunday thousands of farmers’ batch went towards Kamla.


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