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Google Chrome is making a crucial update to help keep you safe in 2023

Google Chrome

Google Chrome updates

The popular web browser Google Chrome will now automatically block insecure downloads from HTTP sites thanks to a recent code change(opens in new tab).

Many HTTP sites, which were once commonplace, have since been updated to use HTTPS encryption in an effort to safeguard the vast amounts of information that we share about ourselves online.

Google has already made a number of changes that allow its users to retrieve and share data more securely, making it the preferred option at this point.

ForGoogle Chrome, use HTTP and HTTPS.
One recent change instructs Chrome to switch any sites from an HTTP connection to HTTPS: the “Always use secure connections” toggle. An additional “Not Secure” warning is shown in the address bar for older HTTP-only websites.

The toggle will now alert users to the dangers of downloading anything from an HTTP connection, according to the code modification found by 9To5Google(opens in new tab). When an HTTPS website downloaded a file in HTTP format, also known as mixed content, Chrome users used to receive an alert.

Given the nature of a toggle button, it will primarily serve as a warning rather than a complete prevention, allowing users to use the web as they see fit, which in some cases may still entail a less secure HTTP connection.

Chrome 111, which is scheduled to launch for testing in March 2023, is not likely to include the update, but it may do so in the company’s upcoming release later that year.

Google Chrome Google’s dedication to its browser, whether it be through security upgrades or other features like the recently announced memory and energy saver modes, is praised by web users to the point where, according to StatCounter(opens in new tab), it now makes up two-thirds (66%) of all desktop browsers installed.

With roughly 11% and 10% of the desktop browser market, respectively, Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari are far behind in second and third place.

Google Chrome has a number of serious vulnerabilities that have been found. Google acknowledged these problems and stated that it is releasing critical updates to address numerous serious browser vulnerabilities.

Users of Google Chrome are urged to update to version 102.0 of the browser by the tech behemoth. Specifically, 5005.115, which was unveiled on June 9 last week. With over 2.6 billion users worldwide, Chrome is the most popular browser.

The most recent version of Chrome is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. By now, all users ought to have received the update automatically. Users who haven’t yet received the update may have to wait a couple more days, as the tech giant stated that it will be released in the “coming weeks.”.

How these flaws might have affected users has not been disclosed by the company. However, following the release of the patch, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) issued a warning, urging users to update their browsers right away. Researchers cautioned that the flaws could have been exploited “to take control of an affected system.”.

In response to these flaws, Google warned that “access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until the majority of users are updated with a fix. If the restriction is in a third-party library that other projects similarly depend on but haven’t yet fixed, we will also keep the restriction. “.

In addition, Google thanked the security researchers who collaborated with the business to close these holes. Google added, “We also want to thank all security researchers who collaborated with us throughout the development cycle to ensure that no security bugs ever made it to the stable channel.

For the Best Support of Google Chrome keep updating Your Chrome Browser.


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