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Google Docs Now Allows Users to Create free, Import Text Watermarks

Google Docs

Google Docs will retain the text watermark when importing or exporting Microsft Word documents.

Google has now added a text watermark feature to Google Docs. Users can now place text watermarks on every page of their document. They can create watermarks like “Confidential” or “Draft” to indicate the file status before sharing it broadly.

The Watermark option is available on the Insert menu of Google Docs. It gives users the option to customize the font, size, transparency, positioning, and more aspects of the text watermark. Additionally, the text watermarks will reportedly get preserved when importing or exporting Microsoft Word documents.

Google is going to make the text watermark feature available to “all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.” It began the gradual rollout of this feature on January 24 and is expected to make this feature fully available in the coming weeks.

Back in September 2021, the search giant had introduced the image watermark feature Document that enabled users to insert an image watermark on every page of a Google Docs document. This feature is ideal for adding company logos, branding, and custom designs to your documents.

In June last year, Google decided to make its Google Workspace platform widely available to all of its users. This service features applications like Google Document, Sheets, Chat, and more. This service can now be used as a central hub to create or collaborate with others. It comes with a smart canvas feature that enables users to generate checklists in Google Docs and quickly assign roles.

Users can also easily share their Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides documents with just one click on a Google Meet call. Additionally, the American tech giant previously introduced the Show Editors feature to Google Docs in May 2021 for Google Workspace users. This feature helps in easily tracking the changes made in a shared document by different users.

Users will now be able to add watermarks to documents they create using Google Docs. Using the new feature, watermarks such as “Draft” or “Embargo” can be added to documents before exporting them. The process is fairly easy and will save time for Google Docs users who create a document online and then add watermarks using third-party apps. Keep reading to know more about the Google Docs watermark feature. 

Google Docs watermark feature launched

The G Docs text watermarks will also be visible upon opening the document with Microsoft Word documents. Once set, these watermarks will appear on every page of a Google document. Additionally, users will also be able to add image watermarks to their documents or add images above or behind the text. The feature is being rolled out gradually which means that it might take up to 15 days for all users to see the feature from January 24, 2022. Once the feature is completely rolled out, it will be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic & Business customers. 

For the G Docs text watermarks feature, there is no admin control required. End users can simply head over to the document they wish to add a watermark in, go to Insert, tap on Watermark and then select text. It is a fairly easy process. Although, for readers who wish to know the steps for adding a G Docs text watermark, they are given below along with the steps to add a Google docs image watermark. 

How to add a Google docs text watermark?

  • On your computer, open a document in G Docs.
  • Go to Insert  Watermark.
  • In the panel on the right, click Text.
  • Type the text you want to appear as a watermark.
  • Optional: In the panel on the right, you can format your watermark.
  • Click Done.

How to add a Google docs image watermark?

  • On your computer, open a document in Google Docs.
  • Go to Insert  Watermark.
  • Click Select image.
  • Select an image from:
    • Drive
    • Photos
    • The web
    • A URL
    • Your camera
    • An upload from your computer
  • Optional: In the panel on the right, change the format of the watermark.
  • Click Done.

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