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How to delete messages on Telegram for Android

delete messages on Telegram

Delete messages on Telegram

delete messages on Telegram ,Even though WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app today, it lacks many important privacy features. Other apps, such as Telegram, Signal, etc., offer more features and security options.

If we talk about Telegram, it is a free instant messaging application which is secure, factual and social. Telegram is generally known for its group and channel specific features, and users can create or join any number of Telegram channels.

Regarding privacy, Telegram has a feature that allows you to delete messages and chat histories. So, if you ditched WhatsApp for Telegram for privacy reasons, you might like to know how to delete conversations from both of your devices.

Understanding telegram conversations

There are two different types of chat options available on Telegram – cloud chats and secret chats. Cloud chat is the usual chat option between you and other Telegram users. These chats are not end-to-end encrypted, and they are “stored strongly encrypted, and the encryption keys in each case are stored in several other data centers in different jurisdictions”

On the other hand, secret chats in Telegram are device-specific and not part of the Telegram cloud. In other words, secret chats were end-to-end encrypted between you and the recipient.

Steps :-

If you use the secret chat option, you don’t have to worry about messages being deleted. Cloud chats, on the other hand, work differently; if there are more than two participants, you must delete the messages within 48 hours.

You will have the option to delete the messages even after 48 hours, but they will remain on the Telegram server and on the recipients’ devices. The sent message will be permanently deleted only when the recipient deletes the message from their side.

1. First, open thetelegram app on your smartphone.

2. Next, select the chat in which you want to delete the messages.

Open the Telegram app

3. Long press the message you want to delete and press the icon To delete.

Tap the Delete icon

4. Now you will see a Delete message prompt. You have to press the button To delete.

Delete messages on Telegram

5. If you want to delete the recipient’s message, select the option ” Delete also for (name) » and press the button To delete.

Automatically Remove Massage

Auto delete messages feature brings the self-destruct timer in personal chats, group chats and channels.

The self-destructing message timer starts when you send it, not when the recipient reads it. It just means that the message can expire before the recipient even reads it.

Almost all instant messaging apps now allow users to delete sent messages. This is a great feature because it allows you to recall messages accidentally sent to the wrong user. I hope this article has helped you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. You can also check out the best instant messaging apps on Android.


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