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LeBron, Lakers prep for ‘next challenge’ after winning Game 3


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The Lakers’ 127- 97 Game 3 palm over the Golden State soldiers on Saturday meant that for the alternate successive series, Los Angeles started with a palm, followed with a loss and also responded with another palm to go over 2- 1.

With Los Angeles putatively on a seesaw– losing by 27 on Thursday only to win by 30 two days latterly– LeBron James is prompting his teammates to ignore the outside noise that comes in the fate of every game result.

For the youthful guys that have not been a part of the postseason or have not had important experience in the postseason, just stay off the television and stay off social media,” James advised after putting up 21 points, eight rebounds and eight assists.

You win a game, everybody is the topmost player in the world; you lose a game, they are throwing dirt on you. It’s literally that simple. It’s each about training your mind for the coming challenge. And,’ What is the coming challenge? This game is over with, we played well. OK, cool. But we got another on Monday.

Anthony Davis has come the face of the Lakers’ postseason ups and campo, with some suckers suggesting his surname, announcement, stands for” alternate days,” because of the difference in his play from night to night.

While it’s only been nine games so far– a small sample size compared to the thickness he showed comprising25.9 points,12.5 rebounds and2.0 blocks in 56 games in the regular season– the hot and cold play continued for Davis on Saturday.

He opened the series, specially, with 30 points and 23 rebounds in a Game 1 palm. He followed with 11 and 7 in a Game 2 loss. And also it was 25 points and 13 rebounds in Game 3.

Davis, after the Lakers bettered to 6- 3 in the playoffs– 10 wins down from the title– said he hasn’t heard any reviews of his performances and does not believe his approach has varied from game to game, indeed if his figures have.

I am not on social media,” Davis said.” My teammates aren’t talking about it, my circle, my inner circle isn’t talking about it, so I haven’t( heard about it). It’s crazy.”- Davis was 7- for- 10 from the field in Game 3 and 11- for- 12 from the foul line. He was 5- for- 11 from the field( 1- for- 1 on free throws) in Game 2 and 11- for- 19( 8- for- 8 on free throws) in Game 1.

The same shots I had in Game1, I had in Game 2. I made Game 1, I missed Game 2,” he said.” The same shots I had in Game 2, had in Game 3. And I missed in Game 2 and I made in Game 3. So, I look at it as I just missed shots. I did not do anything else.

I know, especially at this time of the time, I put it all on the bottom and that is all I can do.”- The biggest change in the Lakers’ approach in Game 3 was trainer Darvin Ham having Lonnie Walker IV leapfrog over Troy BrownJr. and Malik Beasley in his gyration. Walker, who had played 27 twinkles total in the playoffs coming into Saturday, had 12 points on 4- for- 6 firing in 25 twinkles, adding four rebounds and two steals.

The biggest difference in the Lakers’ effectiveness was in their border defense. After allowing the soldiers to make 42 3- pointers over the first two games– a record for the most 3s made over two games to open a series– Golden State shot 13- for- 44(29.5) in Game 3.

We are one of the stylish protective brigades in the league, if not the stylish,” James said, repeating the same line he said after the Game 2 loss.” And in order for us to reach our eventuality, we’ve to defend at a high position. And there is not one platoon in this league that tests you on that side further than Golden State.

The Lakers know that nothing that happed in Game 3– includingD’Angelo Russell’s 21 points on 8- for- 13 firing, starting with the first 11 points in the first quarter– is a guaranteed precursor of what is to come in Monday’s Game 4 of this Western Conference semifinal in Los Angeles or Wednesday’s Game 5 in San Francisco or beyond.

Just as Ham has been sermonizing since the Lakers climbed to make up for their 2- 10 launch to the season by qualifying for the play- in event, they can control playing with energy, trouble and urgency.

Shots will fall. Shots will miss. Players’ legs will feel fresh one game and tired the coming. – still, as James and Davis said on Saturday, the Lakers’ mindset can stay steady so long as they are chastened.

Make no mistake about it, the deficiency, us winning by whatever, 30 does not represent who that platoon really is. Just like losing Game 2 does not represent who we are,” Ham said.” This is going to be a battle to the end.”-


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