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Meet the 80-year-old Iranian who hasn’t washed in 60 years


Amou Haji, 80-year

believes that this 80-year old man “cleanliness brings him illness.” For that cause, he hasn’t bathed previously 60 years, and he’s unofficially known as the “dirtiest man on the planet”.

He lives in isolation in Dejgah village, within the Southern Iranian province of Fars. The person hates contact with water, and even the suggestion of a shower makes him offended. Apparently, as a younger man, he was in love with a girl, however as she rejected him, he selected a lifetime of isolation.

He dislikes contemporary and clear meals as a lot as he dislikes water — his most popular meals is rotted porcupine meat. In the meantime, his home is a grave-like gap within the floor. He drinks 4-6 liters of water every day (for well being causes, he claims) however solely from a grimy, rusty previous oil can. The person grooms his hair by burning it every so often and fills his smoking pipe with animal feces as a substitute of tobacco. An previous battle helmet retains his head heat through the winter.

80-year-old Iranian

You could possibly argue that the person is mentally in poor health – which will very effectively be true, but it surely’s not a certainty. He sleeps on the bottom, hasn’t washed in 60 years,  smokes doodoo and eats rotten meat, however he’s 80! He’s 80, he’s completely happy, and he’s apparently wholesome, for a person his age. So what provides, society? Is that this man a incredible exception, or is that this one thing we’ve not totally understood?

I actually assume psychological research carried out on folks residing extraordinarily remoted lives could be fascinating, and would reveal useful details about elements of our thoughts we all know little about. After all, the logistical issues and challenges of doing this are evident.

I’m by no means attempting to ridicule him or his way of life — if something, I believe there’s something to be taught from his story. To start with – happiness is a way of thinking. Second of all, there are nonetheless many issues we don’t perceive about common human well being — as a result of he undoubtedly shouldn’t be as wholesome as he’s. Third of all, some folks reside in (virtually) complete isolation — and we must always all be taught from their tales.

Lifestyles inside the iranian wasteland, with rotting porcupine meat as his favorite meal, is the one that he is aware of. He just may give bear grylls, the person v/s wild presenter, a run for his cash. To live healthy he liquids 5 litres of water from a rusty oil can every day.

80-year-old Iranian

He also likes to smoke but his fashion of smoking entails inhaling dried cow dung rather than tobacco. Locals trust that a damaged heart changed into the cause that amou haji chose this life-style. But, he nonetheless hasn’t given up on locating love. Haji has no domestic.

he wanders close to the isolated village of dejgah in the southern iranian province of fars and lives in holes made inside the wasteland outside the village. Even though the villagers built a hut for him however he chose now not to stay there. He has end up nearly the identical colour because the earth around him and he totally blends in together with his surroundings.

Locals say they regularly mistake him for a rock while he stays still. Haji has no care for the comforts of the arena and is content residing a nomadic lifestyles.

this is really interesting for you? the 80-year-old Iranian who hasn’t washed in 60 years this is very shocking if we think this in new 21st century world.


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