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Miley Cyrus flowers Lyrics 2023

Miley Cyrus flowers

Miley Cyrus flowers New Song

Miley Cyrus flowers: Los Angeles, Jan. 21 (IANS) Singer Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” has surpassed Spotify’s all-time one-week record with 100 million streams in a single week.

According to “Variety,” the streaming platform revealed on Friday morning that as of Thursday, the song “Flowers” had surpassed all previous records for most streams in a seven-day span.

flowers song had amassed 101,838,799 streams as of Friday morning, according to the site’s most recent update, since its late-day January 12 release. It exceeded the 100 million point on Thursday more quickly than any other song has to date on Spotify.

‘Flowers’ breaking the record for the most streams in a single week has been incredible,’ said Jana Coffey, Spotify’s lead for artist and label partnerships, in a statement to Variety.

flowers The song had an incredible first day and has only gotten better since then.

#MileyCyrus #Flowers #EndlessSummerVacation

Every day since the release has been bigger than the one before, as opposed to massive streams on day one that decline throughout the week. Miley has returned, and with the release of her album “Endless Summer Vacation” in a few months, this is just the beginning. “.

BTS’ “Butter,” which was almost streamed 100 million times in its first seven days, held the previous record for the most Spotify streams in a week. In its first seven days on the platform, it received 99.37 million Spotify streams, breaking the previous record. On the eighth day, it passed the 100 million stream threshold.

The overwhelming success of “Flowers” on Spotify is extremely encouraging and increases the likelihood that the song will top the Billboard Hot 100 when the top 10 are revealed on Monday.

“Flowers” and SZA’s multi-week hit “Kill Bill” have been viewed as fierce rivals for the top spot on the Hot 100. 1 position behind Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” which is currently in first place. “.

flowers song has remained in the top spot on the iTunes song sales chart since it was released eight days ago, despite the fact that downloads do not contribute nearly as much to the Hot 100 as streaming and radio do. Digital sales for “Flowers” have also been unusually high.

If “Flowers” succeeds in entering the charts at No. Since “Wrecking Ball,” her smash hit from ten years ago, has been Cyrus’ only song to top the Hot 100 chart, at No. 1, this will be her first single to achieve that feat.

Even if “Flowers” becomes very popular, it will still take some time for it to surpass all of her previous songs in terms of streaming.

Party in the USA, which has racked up 1 billion and one billion Spotify streams to date, is currently her all-time leader there, according to platform statistics. That tune peaked at No. 2009 Hot 100 No. 2 position.

In her new song Flowers, seems to be making fun of her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

flowers song, which was released on Liam’s birthday, appears to make mention of the ex-couple’s Malibu home burning in the California wildfires as well as numerous infamous awkward red carpet exchanges between the two.

Miley Cyrus flowers Miley likely refers to the $2.15 million home she shared with Liam that was destroyed in the 2018 fires when she sings in the opening verse that they “built a home and watched it burn.”.

In her new song Flowers, Miley Cyrus appears to be making fun of her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. In the music video for the song, the celebrity is shown.

Singing, “I didn’t want to leave you / I didn’t wanna lie / Started to cry,” she also alludes to the Australian star’s sudden act of filing for divorce. ’.

When Liam unexpectedly filed for divorce in 2019, it was thought that Miley wanted to repair their ten-year on-again, off-again relationship.

The former Hannah Montana star dances in the streets of Hollywood while wearing a golden Saint Laurent cut-out gown fit for the red carpet in the music video, which was also released on Friday.

Miley Cyrus flowers song Cyrus dances in the street while appearing to be coming home after a long night out, before changing into her underwear and diving into the pool once she gets home.


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