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New construction emissions calculator launched by Aggreko

construction emissions calculator

construction emissions calculator

Accessible through the Aggreko website construction emissions calculator, the construction emissions calculator tool will help customers find greener solutions to diesel fuel for use in construction.

Real-life savings in carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions, and overall fuel consumption will be visible.In efforts to support the construction sector, global temporary power company Aggreko will utilise a calculator that will compare emissions and fuel consumption onsite.

‘The task of becoming carbon neutral will become increasingly difficult’

According to Chris Rason, managing director at Aggreko Northern Europe, the new construction emissions calculator is vital in the construction decarbonisation process. “The Government’s ambitious net zero targets continue to approach, and with each passing year, the task of becoming carbon neutral will become increasingly difficult.”

He continues: “Alongside this, legislation is not standing still – for example, the Government’s proposed Sixth Carbon Budget will further accelerate all industries’ path to sustainability, including construction, necessitating all businesses cut emissions by 75% before 2035.

“Faced with such a situation, it is vital that decision-makers immediately identify all areas in which the environmental impact of their operations can be reduced. It is in this vein that our new emissions calculator has been launched, in order to assist those responsible for site power pragmatically transition to greener solutions via a data-driven approach.”

‘Each small switch now adds up to make a big difference over the long term’

The construction emissions calculator is the product of Aggreko’s extensive sector knowledge. It can advise real-life solutions based on prospective site applications and power profile. For example, alternatives include greener technologies such as Stage V generators and hybrid battery systems and fuels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

“Our approach to decarbonisation is that each small switch now adds up to make a big difference over the long term,” concludes Chris. “The fact the calculator can show bespoke alternatives to traditional diesel generator set-ups that can deliver environmental savings on-site is therefore key to this.

“The adoption of innovative new equipment that use more sustainable fuels more effectively is foundational to our milestone new initiative, Greener Upgrades, which will help tackle pollution across the supply chain. Indeed, it is with this strategy in mind that we have already pledged to reduce the diesel fuel used by customer solutions by at least 50% by 2030, and our new calculator is an important tool in this effort.”

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