The Kerala Story Movie Review

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story

The idea of suppression is contemptuous in any civilised society but in times of fluently banged collaborative violence, a film like The Kerala Story just begs to be banned, or at least suitably criticised for its crude propaganda. Director- pen Sudipto Sen made a talkie.

In The Name Of Love, which claimed that thousands of Hindu and Christian women in Kerala and Mangalore are being brainwashed, converted to Islam to be transferred to ISIS camps in Afghanistan and Syria, as coitus slaves or self-murder bombers.

There may have been a many cases and this could have been a exemplary tale but Sen demonises a whole community. The religious leaders are evil, the men are nimrods and the women are babe for the so- called Islamic cause. The story is recited by Shalini( Adah Sharma sincere) to interrogators at the Iran- Afghan border post, where she has been set up and arrested.

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Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that she enrolled in a nursing council in another city, where she participated a room with Geetanjali( Siddhi Idnani), a Christian girl( Yogita Bihani) and a Muslim, Asifa( Sonia Idnani). Since Asifa is a original, she’s redundant warm and sociable towards the homesick roommates. She invites them home and introduces them to her’ relatives’.

The Kerala Story Movie

After an obviously offered botheration incident in a boardwalk, the two Hindu women( Shalini and Geetanjali) are fluently converted to wear a hijaab. also she starts criticising their religion, averring that only Islam can cover them and save them from hellfire.

The women aren’t youthful enough to be so susceptible but they hear to Asifa, wide- eyed, and believe everything she says. To make the indoctrination simpler, they’re also cured.

The trap closes completely when they’re asked by two Muslim men, who have been assigned to bed and macerate them. Shalini, renamed Fatima after conversion, finds herself pregnant, is abandoned by her swain and made to marry the vicious Ishak( Vijay Krishna).

Trapped and insulated– women aren’t allowed phones in a vill in Afghanistan– Shalini substantiations the horrors of fundamentalism, where women are crippled and men guillotined for not adhering Taliban rules. Her child son is taken down and she’s forced into sexual slavery.

The other two girls suffer a worse fate. The disputed statistics of this mass conversion and outpour of women are mooted about; Sen and his pens( Suryapal Singh and ‘ creative director ’ Vipul Amrutlal Shah) have a one- point docket Paint the Muslim community as accumulative and barbaric.


By exaggerating everything, tamping down any debate that could have arisen and shooting rapes in disturbing detail, the film ends up doing the contrary of what it intended. Any apprehensive bystander, who might wander into the film, will be repulsed by this unembarrassed spewing of collaborative abomination.

A filmmaker has the right to pick the story they want to tell but not to twist and distort the way Sen has done in The Kerala Story. Hopefully, flicks like this and The Kashmir Files will remain exceptions.

The Kerala High Court declined to halt the release of’ The Kerala Story’ movie, stating that it claims to be” inspired by true events,” and noting that the Central Board of Film Certification has authorized it for public viewing. The bench also watched the film’s caravan and concluded that it didn’t contain any material that was obnoxious to any community.

The bench further mentioned that the pleaders hadn’t seen the movie and that the directors had included a disclaimer stating that the film was a fictionalized interpretation of events. ” There’s commodity called freedom of speech and expression. They’ve cultural freedom, we’ve to balance that also”, Justice Nagaresh orally stated while refusing to grant an interim order.

“ What’s there in the film that’s against Islam? There’s no allegation against a religion, but only against the association ISIS”, Justice Nagaresh orally remarked during the hail. The bench on the request of the pleaders, viewed the caravan in open court moment.” This is fabrication. There are no ghosts or vultures, but there are a large number of pictures showing the same.” the Court remarked during the hail, LiveLaw noted. ” There are numerous pictures in which Hindu Sanyasis are shown as bootleggers and rapers.

No bone says anything. You may have seen similar pictures in Hindi and Malayalam. In Kerala, we’re so temporal. There was a movie where a pujari spit on an hero and no problem was created. Can you imagine? It’s a notorious award- winning movie”, Justice Nagaresh orally said.

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