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These 5 Things Helps you & diseases will stay away and the body will get warm



diseases As winter comes, we start worrying more about our health, because the risk of getting sick in this season is very high. Starting with mild cold and cold, many serious diseases take us as victims. Also, the biggest challenge in this season is to keep the body warm, for which we also consume many hot things. But many times these things also do not work for us. So let us tell you about those special things, by whose use your body can get hot and you can also avoid getting sick.

Consuming butter in winter can also be quite beneficial. Eating butter provides the body with the necessary fat. Digestion works smoothly with its intake. People who are deficient in Vitamin-D can also benefit from eating butter. Kulti dal helps in preventing kidney stones as well as keeping the skin and scalp hydrated and nourished in winter. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it in winter.

Actually, when the temperature falls in the winter season, the air quality deteriorates and it directly affects our immunity. So if you have to stay away from diseases in winter, then you can consume jaggery and ghee. Jaggery and ghee give more benefit to the patients suffering from sinus and also help in protecting the body from cold. Molasses of jaggery is hot, so it also helps to protect from cough and cold in winter. At the same time, ghee helps in increasing the body’s energy by preventing constipation.

In winter, consumption of millet can also be beneficial to stay away from disease and to get hot. There is an abundance of fiber, minerals, potassium and magnesium in millet. Eating millet rotis is also considered very beneficial in this season. This keeps the heart healthy, provides relief in joint pain and keeps the blood of the body thin. Consuming millet is also beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

Many diseases can be avoided in winter by consuming maize. B-complex vitamins in maize are also good for skin, hair, heart, brain and digestion. Corn bread is a good source of vitamins A, C, K, beta-carotene and selenium. All these nutrients help in improving the functioning of thyroid gland as well as improving your immune system. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat maize.

Note: This advice is given only to provide you with general information. You should consult your doctor or specialist before consuming anything or taking any home remedy.


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