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Why do people die due to cardiac arrest? Know the causes and prevention tips for the heart condition

cardiac arrest

cardiac arrest: Cases of cardiac arrest have increased in the country in the last decade or two including people of very young age. So what are the major reasons behind it and how it can be prevented?

Famous director Siddique Ismail passed away on August 8 after suffering a cardiac arrest. People dying from cardiac arrest at very young ages has become more common in the nation. Approximately 12 lakh teenagers in India per year die from cardiac arrest, according to a report. I discussed this important topic with India TV.

How cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack?

The distinction between cardiac arrest and heart arrest is frequently unclear. According to Dr. Nishith, who continues by elaborating on the distinction, these two are separate entities. A person experiences cardiac arrest when their heart stops pumping blood, whereas a heart attack occurs when their arteries narrow and they experience excruciating chest pain. The heart continues to beat during a heart attack, but not when a person experiences cardiac arrest. An electrical abnormality that occurs when the heart fibrillates quickly or stops entirely is the cause of cardiac arrest. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscles is cut off due to an artery clot, which leaves the patient with excruciating chest pain. ”.

What are the major reasons for cardiac arrest?

Many people believe that stress is the only possible cause of cardiac arrest, but this is untrue. Clearing up the confusion, Dr. Nishith stated, “Like I said, the primary cause of cardiac arrest is an electrical abnormality in the heart, and there are many triggers for such an abnormality, such as strenuous exercise and mental stress. You’ve probably seen in several videos where people experience cardiac arrest while dancing, working out, or doing any other routine exercise that their body is not used to.

Due to the abnormality in the heart’s electrical system caused by this, blood cannot reach the brain because the heart quickly stops or fibrillates. Although there are several risk factors, such as stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, or having a family history of cardiac arrest, this does not mean that one should stop exercising or enjoying themselves. If these risk factors are present, a checkup at the local cardiologist is required. Examinations are simple and take only a few minutes for an ECG and an echocardiogram. These tests can be completed on an OPD basis; admission is not necessary. These tests establish whether a person is high- or low-risk,” he said.

How to identify a cardiac arrest?

If the patient’s brain doesn’t get enough oxygen for the following two to three minutes after going into cardiac arrest, they will collapse. Therefore, it is necessary to feel the carotid artery in the neck of the patient to determine whether or not their heart is beating. You won’t feel a pulse if the patient’s heart isn’t beating. However, one must be conscious of this and have practiced it beforehand because it is difficult for anyone to instantly check for a pulse.

I would recommend to the general public that free CPR classes be offered at all major heart hospitals. These courses are also offered gratis at our hospital so that people can learn basic first aid. A CPR course is required for 10th grade students in many other nations, according to Dr. Nishith.

Can ECG detect cardiac arrest?

There are only a few minutes left for the patient during cardiac arrest, so one shouldn’t waste time on an ECG. The patient could sustain permanent brain damage if CPR is not administered in a timely manner. When someone has a cardiac arrest, the first thing that needs to be done is to start CPR because every second counts at that moment. Calling an ambulance and the emergency number should be done in addition to performing CPR, according to Dr. Nishith.

How to keep a check on food habits?

One of the main causes of an increase in cardiac arrest and stroke cases is a change in eating habits. Food used to be eaten immediately and wasn’t kept for later consumption. We used to eat out once every two weeks or so when I was a kid. With so many food delivery apps available today, people frequently order takeout. As a result, the oil used in these restaurants is repeatedly heated, which increases the amount of trans fat present.

Trans fat is extremely harmful to the heart’s arteries, causes inflammation, and can eventually result in heart attack and cardiac arrest. It is crucial to adopt healthy eating habits, such as eating natural, organic, and foods high in green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, curd, and freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. Furthermore, smoking is a significant factor, and many young people now also use e-cigarettes, which are just as dangerous. Alcohol consumption should only be done in moderation by anyone. “Dr. Nishith stated.

Can a person suffer cardiac arrest more than one time?

If someone has already survived a cardiac arrest, there is a high likelihood that they will do so again. After surviving the initial cardiac arrest, a patient can undergo extensive testing to determine the cause of the event and the likelihood that it will happen again. There are several treatments available today that can stop or greatly reduce the likelihood of experiencing cardiac arrest in the future if any test indicates a risk of doing so, the doctor said.


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