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AHSOKA SEASON 1 REVIEW: ‘Ahsoka’ looks, sounds and feels like a return to form for the franchise once again – thanks to Dave Filoni!


The relationship between Jedi master and apprentice seems to be central to the series, once created by Yoda and Luke Skywalker and now reflected in this miniseries’ Anakin and Ahsoka. It also captures the essence of Star Wars creators George Lucas and Dave Filoni, creators of the critically acclaimed animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Filoni’s deep knowledge of the Star Wars mythology is on full display, as are his efforts to preserve the legacy of the mythos while creating new characters and stories. His writing strikes a good balance between character driven drama and sci-fi action. Even from the first episode, Filoni’s vision for this miniseries is clear, and judging by his experience with Clone Wars and Rebels, it’s clear that the series is in good hands.

Dave Filoni’s unique touch is taken for granted and evident in this franchise, but the production values ​​are impressive. The visual effect is also the most popular public, new and known. Most importantly, Philoni indicates their reality when they recognize the importance of the battle at the bright sword and create an important scene that reflects AHSOKA and the impressive abilities of his opponent. Speaking of which, not much is known about Bailan Skoll and Sheen Hati, but this duo is lethal from the start.

Especially when the late Ray Stevenson fills the screen with his haunting presence. Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Mary Elizabeth Winstead round out the live-action performances as Rebel fans Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla, respectively. Bordizzo immediately stands out as Sabine, a Mandalorian explosives expert and graffiti artist, while Winstead excels as the mature and quiet revolutionary leader.

After seeing the live-action rendition of the animated apprentice from The Mandalorian, Rosario Dawson redoubled her efforts to make her fancast dreams come true by playing Ahsoka Tano. When Dawson shoots Ahsoka, he continues to add his words to one of his favorite characters in “Star Wars” in the post in the post. Dawson includes the role of role and the spirit of internal conflict between Jedi.

The first two episodes focused on Ahsoka rekindling old relationships with her allies while navigating her evil empire as those who chose the dark side of the Force continued to wreak havoc across the galaxy, including the Jedi Order. and the Rebel Alliance. It looks, sounds and feels like the show has returned to its franchise format. Thanks Dave Filoni!


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