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All signs pointing to an Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets, But not yet official

After talks with the New York Jets, it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel after Aaron Rodgers comes out of the darkness.

The future of the quarterback has been one of the biggest talking points of the NFL offseason so far, and with free agency approaching, Rodgers’ next move could be decided. Speaking to former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the I Am The Athletic podcast, the 39-year-old was asked about his future and whether he will leave the Green Bay Packers.

“Stay tuned … I don’t think it will be too long,” Rogers said. All of this has a time limit. “

The veteran was also asked about his meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson, and the Packers let him speak to New York.

Clutching his business card to his chest, Rodgers replied: “It’s always fun to meet important people in sport – yes, it’s always fun. That’s all I have for you. “

The Packers icon has been spending time in a dark haven lately, searching for answers to his impending transfer.

“All the answers are in my heart,” the four-time MVP said after retiring. “I touched on a lot of that, of course, how both sides felt in the dark, and I’m grateful for that time.

“This decision is final. I don’t do it lightly. I don’t want to drag anyone down. Look, I’m answering a question about it because I was asked. I’m talking about it because it’s important to me. “

If Rodgers were to leave the Packers, Rodgers’ time in Wisconsin would be over after 18 seasons with the team. During his time in Green Bay, Rodgers won a Super Bowl and achieved high individual success, although the team often fell short of expectations. He ranks first in franchise history in touchdowns and second in passing yards. Despite reports that Rodgers could leave, Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy hasn’t ruled anything out.

Trey Wingo (who first announced last week that the Jets were talking to Aaron Rodgers) tweeted that the deal was “done.” We’ve heard the same, though not for sure.

Meanwhile, several Jets players have hinted at it on Twitter, from cornerback Sauce Gardner to running back Brace Hall and receivers Garrett Wilson and Maggie Becton. The evidence is mostly circumstantial. It got on our radar screen because Rodgers was involved in trying to convince one or more free agents to join the Jets. Gardner hinted at a “package deal” last week if Rodgers agreed to a deal with the Jets.

“He’s obviously a great player. Four-time MVP. But I think it’s trying to find what he wants and what we want, and hopefully we can find a win-win situation,” Murphy said on the NFL website.

Fantasy Impact of it: 

There’s enough smoke here to start addressing the fantasy implications of Aaron Rodgers’ trade to the Jets. Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore and Corey Davis are under contract, and all three would be promoted if Rodgers becomes a center in 2023. As for Rodgers, he’ll have a chance to bounce back from last season’s QB15 mark, though he’ll still have to deal with relatively raw receivers.

Davis is a productive veteran and Wilson is one of the top 2022 starters, so this looks like an upgrade for his weapons in Green Bay. Jordan Love will eventually get a chance to start, though Rodgers is expected to demote him in his first season as a starter. The Packers may try to build a strong running game to take pressure off Love.


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