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Apple iPhone 15 Price LEAK: iPhone 15 likely to get big upgrades

Apple iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Price Leak

Apple iPhone 15 Online reports claim that the price of the iPhone 15 has been revealed. The Apple Version 15 and Apple Version 15 Pro models may have a significant price difference between them, a Forbes report warns prospective buyers. Notably, the American technology giant earlier increased the prices for the iPhone 14 Pro models this year by a significant amount. In India, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max was Rs. 1,39,900, while in the US, the same smartphone cost $1,099 (in Indian Rupees).

According to a Forbes report, “Apple Version 15 will raise the price of this year’s Apple Version 15 Pro series, further widening the gap with the Apple Version 15 Plus,” according to an unnamed source on the Chinese microblogging site Twitter. ‘.

The report claims Apple Version 15 that a trustworthy Weibo tipper has revealed some pricing information for the Apple Version 15 series. As it seems, the rates aren’t decreasing. The Pro version of the Apple Version 15 may cost $300 more than the standard model.

Apple Version 15 Prior leaks suggested that the price of the version 15 series would go down, so the reversal shocked users.

These price increases “now look even more likely because my sources have given me a good idea of the leaker’s identity, and the information should be taken seriously,” according to the Forbes report.

In addition, the Forbes article stated that while the “new leaker doesn’t provide prices, $100 price increases were suggested last week for both the 15 Pro and 15 Ultra (the new name for the Pro Max). “.

Apple iPhone Price

Starting at $799 is the version 15 series.
Starting at $899, the version 15 series Plus.
beginning at $1099 for the version 15 series Pro.
Starting at $1199, the version 15 series Ultra.
It’s important to remember that every year, just a few weeks after the debut of the most recent iPhone, leaks about the following generation start to surface. version 15 series is no exception.

Apple Version 15 Price Leak

version 15 series 15 Online price leaks for this year’s version 15 series have occurred frequently. Most of the information that has leaked so far has indicated that Apple is thinking about raising the price of its iPhones for 2023. The gap between the standard and Pro models will reportedly be increased, according to the company. However, a recent report reveals how much the Apple Version 15 may cost. Price leaks have primarily involved the Pro models.

The Apple Version 15, which is said to have significant upgrades over the iPhone 14, may be offered at the same price. The Apple Version 15 will start at $799, according to a Forbes report citing a leaker. This is the same as the iPhone 14 in every way. Notably, Apple hasn’t altered the cost of its models since the release of the iPhone 12 series. In a similar vein, it is claimed that the iPhone 15 Plus will set you back $899, the same as the previous design.

The Dynamic Island feature, which we first saw on last year’s Pro models, is rumored to be coming to the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 smartphones. In essence, this means that all iPhones produced in 2023 will feature punch-hole displays. The new versions are anticipated to have USB C ports and better cameras. The regular models could use the 48-megapixel wide lens found on the iPhone 14 Pro models, which would be a significant improvement over the 12-megapixel cameras found on the most recent iPhones. However, the telephoto sensor won’t be as present on the more affordable models.

A $1,099 price tag is reportedly attached to the version 15 series Pro. This time, it’s said that Apple will switch out the Pro Max model for the Ultra version. According to the most recent rumor, the version 15 series Ultra could retail for $1,199 when it goes on sale later this year. All of this therefore indicates that Apple may be considering maintaining a $300 gap between its entry-level and premium models.

According to Apple, its ultra-high-end models come with even better features, which helps to explain the price increase. Periscope cameras are rumored to be available on the version 15 series Ultra. It’s expected that solid-state buttons will replace physical buttons in the Ultra model and Pro version. In contrast to the version 15 series and 15 Plus, the new iPhones will use Apple’s brand-new Bionic A17 chip.


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