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Jawan 1st Weekend Box Office Collections

Jawan 1st Weekend Box Office Collections

Jawan 1st Weekend Box Office Collections, In the world of cinema, the box office numbers often serve as a barometer of a film’s success. One such film that has been creating quite a buzz in recent times is “Jawan.” Starring a stellar cast and backed by a gripping storyline, the movie managed to generate significant excitement prior to its release. As the first weekend numbers pour in, it’s evident that “Jawan” has managed to live up to the hype with its impressive box office collections.

The Plot:

“Jawan” is an action-packed thriller that revolves around the life of a dedicated soldier, played by a prominent actor. The film takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as it delves into the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers in the line of duty. With elements of patriotism, family drama, and intense action sequences, “Jawan” promised to be a complete package, and it certainly delivered.

Jawan 1st Weekend Box Office Collections:

As the curtains lifted and “Jawan” hit the screens, it witnessed a stellar opening on its first day. The film managed to rake in an impressive sum at the box office, setting high expectations for the weekend ahead. Let’s take a look at the first weekend box office collections that have left both the audience and the industry pleasantly surprised:

Friday: On its opening day, “Jawan” garnered an exceptional amount of 29.96 cr across theaters. The combination of an engaging storyline and the star power of the lead actor undoubtedly played a significant role in drawing audiences to cinemas.

Saturday: The momentum continued to build on Saturday, as the word-of-mouth reviews began to spread. Families, friends, and movie enthusiasts flocked to theaters, resulting in a remarkable collection of ₹ 22.75 cr.

Sunday: The icing on the cake came on Sunday when “Jawan” experienced a substantial surge in ticket sales. This surge can be attributed to positive reviews, social media buzz, and strong word-of-mouth recommendations. The film’s Sunday collections reached an impressive ₹ 32.67 cr, sealing the first weekend with a flourish.

Total 1st Weekend Collection: In total, “Jawan” has managed to accumulate a phenomenal ₹ 287 cr over its first weekend. This outstanding figure is not only a testament to the film’s quality but also to the star power of its cast and the skill of the filmmakers.

Here are the top 10 Hindi language movie opening weekends.

1. Jawan (Hindi) – 1,78,00,00,000 approx

2. Pathaan (Hindi) – 1,60,57,00,000

3. KGF 2 (Hindi) – 1,40,45,00,000

4. Gadar 2 – The Katha Continues – 1,32,47,00,000

5. Bahubali – The Conclusion (Hindi) – 1,27,28,00,000

6. Sanju – 1,19,33,00,000

7. Tiger Zinda Hai – 1,14,91,00,000

8. Sultan – 1,05,55,00,000

9. Dangal (Hindi) – 1,04,53,00,000

10. Brahmastra (Hindi) – 1,02,54,00,000


“Jawan” has clearly made a significant mark at the box office with its remarkable 1st weekend collections Reaching Rs 300Cr very soon. The film’s engaging plot, stellar performances, and powerful emotional quotient have struck a chord with audiences of all ages. With such a promising start, it wouldn’t be surprising to see “Jawan” continue its successful run in the coming weeks.

As the film industry continues to evolve, the success of movies like “Jawan” serves as a reminder of the enduring power of compelling storytelling and solid performances. As the weeks progress, it will be intriguing to observe how “Jawan” fares and whether it can sustain its impressive box office journey. For now, one thing is certain – “Jawan” has marched its way into the hearts of moviegoers and the record books alike, making it a noteworthy addition to the world of cinema.


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